• TimeTonic Projet

    A simple and complete visual solution

    to manage all your team activity.

  • Project & Process Management

    In few minutes, start the planning and management of all your ativity

    Ready-to-use Model

    Our ready-to-use Timetonic Project model lets you got started in seconds !


    A first view, as easy to use as a spreadsheet allows you to see all your data.



    Adapt TimeTonic to your own needs by adding columns or tables and linking new tables of data: customers, teams, methods, phases, products, etc. !

  • A simple and elegant Timeline view


    The Timeline Planning View allows you to view chronologically the different phases of your projects.


    Go in one click from a spreadsheet view to a Timeline view by project, team, status, or person to find out who is working on what and quickly plan how to allocate your resources.


  • We have the view you need to manage your projects

    Keep control of your business, simply and visually





    Organize your appointments, deadlines, reminders, and others tasks, using the calendar view.


    With a simple a drag & drop all the project data are changed


    Incredibly agile


    Switch from the spreadsheet view to the kanban in one click 



    Switch from Spreadsheet View to Kanban View - an agile management method with cards that you move like Post-it notes.

    Project sheet

    Simple & complete


    Access at a glance all the informations related to a project or activity on a full page in a simple and visual way


    One-click access to a various project documents (contracts, plan, specification, ...)

  • Activity Monitoring

    A real tool for organizing and monitoring tasks

    A Gantt chart view, simply effective

    This view allows you to dynamically track and update your different projects.


    Thanks to this Gantt view, you have the possibility to link the different phases of your project.


    Don' waste your time updating your different documents


    Create, move, and modify your tasks in real time and all the team is instantlyup to date.

  • Do not lose any more documents !

    Electronic Document Management

    Your centralized project documents

    Timetonic become your collaborative EDM software to organize, process and share your digital documents



    Drag and drop RFPs, products sheets, contracts and all your files directly with each project. It's never been easier to stay organized and to make sure that everyone is in sync.


  • We are unique !

    One tool - many uses



    A new kind of organisation tool, as flexible as a spreadsheet, as simple to use as Post-it cards


    You have just to choose the data you want to manage and he appplication is ready


    The data is the Application





    Our secret ?


    The power of a cloud and mobile relational database fully visual


    Without programming knowledge, you customize Timetonic yourself to make it the custom management application that's meets your needs 



    You no longer have to choose between a Gantt tool, an agile Kanban method, the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the power of a business application, an email solution, a mobile solution, ...


    All views areincluded in Timetonic and you switch from one to anotherwith oneclick.


    On Team

    With real-time chat functions, SMS notifications and integrated emails, you work as a team on all your projects. .


    Invite people of your choice (internal or external to your organization) and choose access permissions.

  • Collaborative

    Beyond a business solution, a combination of the best communication tools

  • Share information and data with all your team and clients

    Unified communication

    Communicate with your team or the rest of the world.

    Every Timetonic workspace has an internal instant messanger and an external email address that allows you to send and receive email messages including their attachements.


    You can also send and receive SMS

    Access rights Management


    Administrez facilement les droits des membres

    Easily administer members rights


    Administrator right

    Complete user right

    Limited user right

  • Native mobile Apps


    Download our Timetonic 2 native apps to manage your projects anywhere, at anytime !


    Scan and save your documents during your travels, and access all your document in the electronic document mangement (EDM)


    TimeTonic 2 pour iPhone sur l'Appstore
    TimeTonic 2 Android sur Google Play
  • For all your needs ...

    Create an infinite number of workspaces.

    To manage your clients, your field operations, your expenses, HR, marketing activities, ideas, ...


    Create links between your different tables, and even between your different workspaces.


    Create PivotTables for complete statisticsof all your activity.


    Insert new fields in a few seconds (dates, text, numbers, choice, chat spaces, attachements, formulas...)


    Color and format your cells as you wish.


    Simple formulas to use.


    Manipulate number, duration, text, ...


    Nothing is fixed in Timetonic, move yours columns,create an infinityof filters, duplicate workspaces.


    Share your notebooks, collaboratively or administer the rights of your members.

    With full traceability

    TimeTonic keeps the history of all changes.


    You always know who changed what and when for total traceability

  • Love from our customers

    Capgemini ASE

    Capgemini Consulting - ASE (Accelerated Solution Environment)

    Discover in video how the ASE team, chose TimeTonic to replace its existing tools (Trello, Salesforce, Excel, ERP) for its needs in Project Management and CRM.


    They now have a 360 ° view of their data, including details.



    Producer of short series of quality adapted to mobiles

    "With 50 people in Paris, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, we were looking for a simple and complete solution.


    TimeTonic is the perfect tool to manage our 80 productions simultaneously! "

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